GOVT: United States 1940 Sixteenth Census

GOVT: United States 1940 Sixteenth Census

United States of America, Bureau of the Census

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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Hugh DudleyAAAAAUCHINCLOSSAUCHINCLOSSAAAAHugh Dudley 028 August 18972414165126Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island, USA0020 November 19762443103477928938Georgetown, District Of Columbia, USA1 November 2022 - 14:34:201667338460MYESY100R
Hazel Elizabeth BAKER
Hazel Elizabeth CAULFIELD
Hazel ElizabethAAAABAKERBAKERAAAAHazel Elizabeth 029 November 19022416083121Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA0015 July 19682440053556523970Saugus, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA1 November 2022 - 15:14:151667340855FYESY100R
John Theodore CAULFIELD
John TheodoreAAAACAULFIELDCAULFIELDAAAAJohn Theodore 03 June 18992414809124Winthrop, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA0018 August 19662439356576724547Saugus, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA8 November 2022 - 18:29:231667960963MYESY100 
George William CONNELLY
George WilliamAAAACONNELLYCONNELLYAAAAGeorge William 010 June 18982414451125Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA1129 August 19712441193527326742Saint Augustine, St Johns County, Florida, USA4 November 2022 - 10:01:531667581313MYESY100 
Mary Louise CONNELLY
Mary Louise MCCARTHY
Mary Louise “Marylou”AAAACONNELLYCONNELLYAAAAMary Louise “Marylou” 021 October 1928242554195Winthrop, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA001 August 20092455045148029504Saint Augustine, St Johns County, Florida, USA8 November 2022 - 17:54:481667958888FY100Y100 
Rose Elizabeth FITZGERALD
Rose Elizabeth KENNEDY
Rose ElizabethAAAAFITZGERALDFITZGERALDAAAARose Elizabeth 022 July 18902411571133North End, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA9922 January 199524497402910438169Hyannis Port, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA1 November 2022 - 19:39:101667356750FYESY100 
Edward Moore KENNEDY
Edward Moore "Ted"AAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAEdward Moore "Ted" 022 February 1932242676092Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA3325 August 20092455069147728309Hyannis Port, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA1 November 2022 - 17:36:471667349407MY100Y100 
Eunice Mary KENNEDY
Eunice Mary SHRIVER
Eunice MaryAAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAEunice Mary 010 July 19212422881102Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA5511 August 20092455055148832174Hyannis Port, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA2 November 2022 - 20:59:011667447941FYESY100 
Jean Ann SMITH
Jean AnnAAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAJean Ann 020 February 1928242529796Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA2217 June 2020245901839233721Manhattan, New York, USA3 November 2022 - 20:23:531667532233FY100Y100 
John Fitzgerald KENNEDY
John FitzgeraldAAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAJohn Fitzgerald 029 May 19172421378106Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA3322 November 19632438356604616978Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA3 November 2022 - 21:51:461667537506MYESY100 
Joseph Patrick KENNEDY Sr
Joseph PatrickAAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAJoseph Patrick 06 September 18882410887135Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA9918 November 19692440544548129657Hyannis Port, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA8 November 2022 - 22:01:301667973690MYESY100 
Joseph Patrick KENNEDY Jr
Joseph PatrickAAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAJoseph Patrick 025 July 19152420704108Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA002 August 19442431305792910601Blythburgh, East Suffolk, England3 November 2022 - 22:25:121667539512MYESY100 
Kathleen Agnes KENNEDY
Kathleen Agnes CAVENDISH
Kathleen Agnes "Kick"AAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAKathleen Agnes "Kick" 020 February 19202422375104Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA0013 May 19482432685752810310Saint-bauzile, Ardèche, France4 November 2022 - 06:27:081667568428FYESY100 
Mary Loretta KENNEDY
Mary Loretta CONNELLY
Mary LorettaAAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAMary Loretta 06 August 18922412317131Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA1118 November 19712441274527928957Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA4 November 2022 - 09:56:221667580982FYESY100 
Patricia Helen KENNEDY
Patricia Helen LAWFORD
Patricia HelenAAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAAPatricia Helen 06 May 1924242391299Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA4417 September 20062453996178230084Manhattan, New York, New York, USA4 November 2022 - 11:12:131667585533FYESY100 
Robert Francis KENNEDY
Robert Francis "Bobby"AAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAARobert Francis "Bobby" 020 November 1925242447598Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA11116 June 19682440014554215539Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA5 November 2022 - 08:15:271667661327MY100Y100 
Rose Marie KENNEDY
Rose Marie "Rosemary"AAAAKENNEDYKENNEDYAAAARose Marie "Rosemary" 013 September 19182421850105Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA007 January 20052453378198631528Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, Massachusetts, USA5 November 2022 - 10:20:341667668834FYESY100 
Matthew James Joseph MCCARTHY
Matthew James JosephAAAAMacCARTHYMacCARTHYAAAAMatthew James Joseph 08 February 1926242455598Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA003 March 19932449050306724495Saint Augustine, St Johns County, Florida, USA
Saint Augustine, St Johns County, Florida, USA
8 November 2022 - 17:59:411667959181MY100Y100R

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